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Hi all, Unityz is a guild mainly for Singapore / Malaysian Players but we do welcome people from anywhere (that's inculde martians too) we are still growing and about 112 strong and active members :)
We love doing quest ,event and running instances together !! U will never be left out alone ~

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Guild clean up.

szx86, Dec 3, 10 2:20 PM.
Hi all fellow members of Unityz, on thurdays 09/12/12
Will mark the start of removing inactive or those is unable to cope up
With the guild requirement .
I know maybe some of u all just wanna to relax and enjoy the game
But this guild need to grow and will be grow into a better one so inadvance
I'm going to apologize to those who wil be removed by me if u fail to meet
The following requirement

1. Inactive for 2week or more.
2. Fail to contribute to guild.
3. Being beggars / drama queen .

weponx8, Nov 16, 10 10:44 PM.
Join only lvl 50+
Do not add alts to guild tht you dont use
Help each other and do not fight among yourselves
Must do a weekly contribution of 100 to guild atleast

Bored ? Come in and add a few comments or talk some shit

szx86, Nov 13, 10 1:36 AM.
Feeling bored ? At work ? In school ? Don't worry !!
As long as u have or can find Internet access even on 3G
Just cOme in and spam a few things be it about work or anything
Just all in the little shout box there feel free to use it anytime anywhere
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We are Recuiting anyone from anywhere as long as u are 1. Above Lv50 2. Active in Guild Chat 3. Can speak English :) 4. Friendly and socialable 5. Min contribute to to guild 100 per week U can apply here or Pst me in game ign :Hanzoro Or apply thru website
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